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DEBIT MEMO CLAIM FOR CREDIT REGISTER NO. DATE Reason for Adjustment u Price Adjustment u Defective Merchandise u Freight Adjustment u Weight Adjustment u Returned Merchandise u Quality Adjustment
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Today's learning objective is to create a business letter using proper format in word I'm using Word 2010 for this activity first step is to change the top margin to 2 inches it's currently at 1 inch so I'm going to go to the page Layout tab the margins button and I'm going to change my top margin to 2 inches and go down to custom margin top margin to 2 inches click OK gives a lot of spacing requirements in a business letter first thing is going to be your your address the sender's address for our example we're going to use 255 0 student Street that's our header it's our the sender's address after that you're going to put the date immediately underneath press ENTER four times two three four and then you're going to type the inside address that's who you're playing on sending the letter to for the sake of example I'm using Justin Bieber we're going to be sending a fan mail letter to Justin Bieber now a business letter is something that you know you're it's a formal type of writing and you're looking to request information generally or your might be responding to something and what I'm going to do is going to go back to the Home tab I'm going to show the reveal codes to show that show/hide button just so you can see the formatting so the quadruple space right here is three blank lines and then after the inside address there's going to be a double space and then you're going to start with your salutation it's going to have dear mister oops I'm spelling it wrong baby fever they might have a colon double space again and then you're going to start the body of your letter the body of your letter is going to contain your your three short paragraphs so say I've typed my three short paragraphs double spacing between each paragraph should be one blank line between each short paragraph please notice that paragraphs are not indented that's called block format should be just aligned to the left margin after the last paragraph again you're going to double-spaced and you're gonna type your salutation sincerely is the most common one again you're going to have a quadruple space we press ENTER one two three four times I'm going to type out your name and I think I put Jane Doe as the sake of example move that down okay now when you actually print this out it's going to look something like this and this back up so it's going to start with the header which is the the sender's address and date quadruple space so three blank lines the inside address which is what you're sending it to their company etc double-spaced salutation followed by a colon then you have your body generally three short paragraphs then you're going to have a double spaced you're going to have your closing a drupal space and then your name in any titles underneath if that applies after you print it out you will sign in Inc above your name in that space above your name typed out so here's here's an example of what a signature might look like I'm going to go ahead and zoom out so you can see what the...
What is debit note letter?
A Debit note are document that provide a debtor with information regarding an outstanding debt. ... The typical debit note is in the form of a letter or some type of document format that is implemented by the company to serve as a reminder.